THE STORE OF THE FUTURE is, above all, an innovative strategy for competitive and dynamic business environments aimed principally at self-service stores and chain stores as well as shopping on the go. Ideal for the segment of footwear, textiles, food, cosmetics, hygiene, cleaning and others, including electronics, toys, tools, and trade in general. 


1.) Strategy aimed at Self-Service with RFID EPC:

WELCOSS-iRetail, and smart store based on EPC RFID tag technology for Self-Service.


Self-service is a growing trend in the retail and services sector in general. Is based on the practice of service by the customer, ie, are not performed by employees, but made ​​- in parts or completely - by customers / consumers themselves with the intention to innovate, providing autonomy to shopping, lower costs, and better market positioning.


2.) Strategy focused on Mobility and Smart Trade:

Intelligent Mobility and Trade (iCommerce) in the future store, based on two-dimensional codes (2D) pattern GS1/EPCglobal technology.

Shopping in transit, environments with limited physical space and mix of varied products are essential for the commercial optimization in passing places like airports, train stations, bus stations, subway Panels Street, Shoping Center and bus stops, among others. Ensuring 24 hour service point of sale, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

SMART STORE: RFID technology combined with Datamatrix (2D) will provide efficiency in logistics processes, storage and supply of goods in distribution centers, inventory, warehouses, shops, chain stores, islands, racks and shelves, minimizing supply disruptions, shortages and losses at the point of sale.



SMART SOTRE with pull/push strategy in retail, based on actual demand, with structured processes for retail, minimizing losses, errors, shortages, inventories and capital employed in the operation, in a simple and economical way, with EPC tag (RFID / Datamatrix) technology pattern GS1/EPCGlobal.


The intelligent supply chain, securely & with AIDC technologies for retail.

Projects for supply chain management (SCM) is no longer news to anyone and almost everyone knows what it is and how to do, but what few know is that, from now on, the chips will have to be part of these business processes, globally. Its use is mandated by the use or adoption of international standards already established.

 The Supply Chain, safe and smart with RFID EPC.


Its function is to protect brands and Investment in the business value chain, providing the efficiency of logistics and operational processes, data accuracy and inventories, safe trade in goods and merchandise, minimize waste, fraud, error, supply disruptions, shortages in distributors, stores, chain stores and outlets in general, ensuring the integrity of origin-destination (track / trace), through a common to commercial partners to identify global language, capture, share and track processes, products, people and general corporate assets.

Standards GS1 system and its multiple applications in the management of the supply chain smart: