WELCOSS-iManufacturingTM  is a simple and innovative solution for enterprise management, for small and medium enterprise in the manufacturing industry and its supply chain distribution including manufacturers, distributors and retailers in general.  



Includes enterprise management systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, WMS and RFID, with modules of finance, logistics, inventory, purchasing, production, sales, external beneficiation, semi-finished, human resources, access control, electronic point (MTE 1510), traceability and visibility in the supply chain from manufacturer to end customer.  




The WELCOSS-iManufacturingTM solution is prepared to work with "Smart Labels" in the management of this intelligent manufacturing sector, including Kanban, MES, SFC and Control Returnable Materials (RTI) systems. Simultaneously supports tag EPC for RFID and Datamatrix (2D), the GS1/EPC global standard.



Efficiency in manufacturing, warehousing and shipping of products and materials with RFID EPC tag, for final processing of production and inventory, including receiving, warehouse, machining, stamping, external beneficiation, assembly and transport between plants, monitoring at item level. 


Traceability & Visibility of products and materials identified (racks, pallets, etc) with RFID EPC.


The automotive and auto parts supply chain with RFID EPC

Growth of the Automotive Industry in Brazil promotes competitiveness in this sector supply chains, including the segment of Autoparts. In this line, WELCOSS-iManufacturingTM solution is prepared to provide operational improvements in the customer-supplier relationship, as well as withstand the constant changes in the industry, promoting efficiency in the management of commercial processes, industrial, logistics and quality to its clients and investors.


    Provider 1          Provider 2            Automaker           Distributor              Retail                  Store


Traceability & Visibility in the supply chain with GS1 standards and its multiple applications:

We enable your strategies for the DIGITAL Economy by industry including IoT, BigData and Mobile. The solutions are based on the WELCOSS platform alone or integrated to SAP Hana, Mongo DB and Hadoop, amongst others. 

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