WELCOSS-iHealthTM is a simple, innovative solution for business management for small and medium enterprise in the Health and Medicines sector as manufacturers, laboratories, distributors, pharmacies, service stations, blood bank, clinics and hospitals in general (Public or Private).



It includes organizational management systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, WMS and RFID, with modules of finance, logistics, inventories, procurement, sales, customer relationship, catalog, human resources, access and time control (Brazilian MTE 1.510 law), traceability and visibility of  drugs, surgical instruments, implants and Protesis, among others. 



The supply chain of Health, safe and smart with RFID / Datamatrix technology. Its function is to protect brands and investments in the supply chain, providing the efficiency of logistics processes, accuracy of data, inventories, inventory, minimize fraud, errors, supply disruptions and lack of product at the point of consumption, ensuring improvement of logistics services for manufacturers, laboratories, distributors, logistics providers and also ensure the integrity of origin-destination (traceability) in the chain of custody of the sector, to secure trade of products and goods of high quality, globally.



The WELCOSS-iPharmaTM solution is prepared to track drugs (pharmaceutical, dental and veterinary) as ANVISA (Law 11.903 ANVISA - IUM) and RDC N54 (11/12/2013 - DOU), for tracking medication within the SNCM (National System Management of Controlled Products) from manufacturer to final consumer. The solution can work stand-alone or integrated with SAP, Oracle, TOTVS, MS and bequests, among others. Supports Datamatrix tag or EPC RFID tag, GS1/EPC global standard.



The WELCOSS-iPharmaTM solution is prepared to work with "Smart Labels" in managing the supply chain of this industry, including EPCIS. Simultaneously supports EPC tag for RFID and Datamatrix (2D) GS1/EPC global standard. 

The Supply Chain, safe and smart, with RFID EPC.


Traceability & Visibility in the supply chain with GS1 standards and its multiple applications:

We enable your strategies for the DIGITAL Economy by industry including IoT, BigData and Mobile. The solutions are based on the WELCOSS platform alone or integrated to SAP Hana, Mongo DB and Hadoop, amongst others. 

Lei ANVISA "IUM" 2009 [PDF]       DOU ANVISA 2013 [PDF]        WELCOSS-iPharma [PDF]      Case da SIN [PDF]