WELCOSS-MIONSTM is a platform for smart solution based on technologies of mobile code (mobile-code) and RFID / EPC tags (Radio Frequency Identification / Electronic Product Code), GS1/EPC global standard.

 It is dedicated to mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT), including mobile e-commerce applications, delivery (large volumes), research and learning services. Can be used on mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad and Android, cloud.



In this line, the applications with mobile-codes go to Bitcoin, one criptomoeda (digital currencies encryption) where the creation and transfer is based on open source and encryption protocols. A bitcoin can be transferred from a computer or smartphone without using an intermediary financial institution (peer-to-peer).



MIONS provides a transparent link between smart objects (products, materials, goods and equipment with RFID and/or Datamatrix - identified only by EPC code and a corresponding application in the Cloud MIONS, allowing interaction models such as IoT, GS1/EPC global, GS1/GDSN and NFC/NDEF, among others.


MIONSTM - Mobile Interaction Spot On, prepared for the Internet of Things (IoT).


Electronic Voucher with MIONS - ideal for distribution on large volumes directly to the subscriber as Newspapers, Magazines, Collections

             WELCOSS-MIONS [PDF]                       WELCOSS-Mídia [NOTÍCIA]