WELCOSS-iWMSTM is an smart solution for managing and controlling operations in warehouses, depots and distribution centers based on RFID Technology / Datamatrix (2D) tags. The technological innovations of this solution allow for increasing the ability to inventory turns, reduce the cost of direct labor (MOD), greater inventory control in real time, visibility of products and materials stored (indoor and outdoor), optimization of storage resources , replacing complex solutions of deposit management, CDs and warehouses, as WMS.



The WELCOSS-iWMSTM solution includes products, services and technologies for UHF RFID tags embedded in machines and logistics movement equipment, including smart floor with RFID tags embedded in the floor of the Warehouse-deposit to ensure visibility in real time , the exact position of materials and blocados stocks.



Traceability & Visibility in the supply chain with GS1 standards and its multiple applications:

Smart storage with RFID EPC, minimizing costs, losses, direct labor, supply disruptions, safely and sustainably.


WELCOSS-iWMSTM  can work independently or integrated with enterprise management systems such as SAP, Oracle, TOTVS or bequests in general.