The WELCOSS-iMeatTM  is a simple and innovative solution for enterprise management for companies in the meat industry and derivatives such as refrigerators, poultry farms, breeders, distributors and retailers in general.

Includes enterprise management systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, WMS and RFID, with modules for finance, logistics, inventory, purchasing, production, sales, human resources, access control, electronic point (MTE 1.510), traceability and visibility in the production chain of meat, from the refrigerator to the final consumer. Can work simultaneously with Smart Labels for tags EPC, RFID or Datamatrix.



WELCOSS-iMeatTM is prepared for the automated management of refrigerators and slaughter houses, allowing process management from slaughtering, boning, cutting, packaging and storage until shipment and dispatch of goods to distributors and retail in general. Can work seamlessly with SAP, Oracle, and TOTVS systems and Legacy or also stand-alone, allowing traceability and visibility of products and goods from "Pasture to Plate". Can be applied to the living or slaughtered animal. In parts, sub-parts or specific pieces of cut, type of market, customer or consumer, globally.


Traceability & Visibility in the Meat production chain with standards of the GS1 System and its multiple applications:


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