WELCOSS-iLibraryTM is a smart solution based in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, focused on Management, Control and Monitoring Books, Documents, Products and Materials. 

WELCOSS-iLibraryTM  is a simple and innovative solution prepared for management, monitoring and automated control with RFID EPC tag, of books, documents, products and materials in general. Can be used in schools, universities, libraries and central of documents, including process management, logistics, security, traceability and visibility in real time.



WELCOSS-iLibraryTM can work seamlessly to many enterprise management systems or Stand-alone, including service modules registration, withdrawal, return), access control, electronic point (MTE 1.510), traceability and visibility of products and materials in general, item-level, globally. Is prepared to work simultaneously with tags RFID and Datamatrix.

With an EPC RFID tag attached to the material, you can track it throughout its movement inside and outside the institution (or company) and through a web interface, you can get information online as where the material is, what's the status of this material, who is responsible for it, how long is this responsibility, date of withdrawal, return date, ​​acquisition values, schedule for maintenance and even depreciation cost of each material, if necessary. 



Traceability & Visibility of products and materials with standards of the GS1 System and its multiple applications:


WELCOSS-iLibrary [PDF]          WELCOSS Notícia [NOTÍCIA]