WELCOSS-iKanbanTM  is a simple and innovative solution prepared for management and automated control of material supply in Production Line through Smart Cards, with RFID EPC tag, for improving industrial productivity, including reduced costs, losses, inventories, supply disruptions and accuracy of data in production. The solution also allows visibility of local and intermediates stocks, finished or semi-finished products, in suppliers, processors or sub-processes of each production line in manufacturing.



WELCOSS-iKanbanTM  can work seamlessly to various enterprise systems (SAP, Oracle, TOTVS), Production Systems, MES, SFC, Control Materials Returnable (RTIs) or work so Stand-alone, with RFID EPC technology integrated with modules of production, logistics, finance, inventory, shipping, access control, electronic point (MTE 1.510), traceability and visibility of materials, item-level, globally. Simultaneously supports EPC tag fot RFID and Datamatrix, GS1/EPC global standard.



The WELCOSS-iKanbanTM  is prepared for intelligent supply chain with standards of the GS1 System and its multiple applications:


WELCOSS-iKanban [PDF]           WELCOSS-Mídia [NOTÍCIA]      Case Husqvarna - iKanban [NOTÍCIA]