WELCOSS-iAssetTM   is a simple and innovative solution, prepared for management and automated control of corporate assets (office, IT, machines, equipment, tools, containers, etc.), in the internal or external environment, centralized or distributed fashion (multi-site), for national or international companies, including visibility and physical location of each active, as well as monitoring and controlling their movement in real time, globally.



WELCOSS-iAssetTM can work seamlessly to many enterprise management systems or Stand-alone, including systems such as ERP, CRM, BI, WMS, Mobile with EPC tags for RFID or Datamatrix, and modules for finance, logistics, access control, traceability and visibility of assets, at item level, globally.

The solution also considers the application of an EPC tag (RFID or Datamatrix) on each active to be controlled with infrastructure data capture, previously defined in the project for this purpose. Can be used GS1/EPC global standard or similar, including the structure of current control, which exists in every company.  



Traceability & Visibility of Enterprise Asset with standards of the GS1 System and its multiple applications:


WELCOSS-iAsset [PDF]        Case Ativas DC [RFID]          WELCOSS - TV GLOBO [Projac RFID]