The WELCOSS-iAirportTM is a simple and innovative prepared for management and automated control of Airports (Service, Baggage, Cargo and Track), for national or international companies, including solutions for process management, logistics, security, traceability and visibility, in real-time of Infrastructure, Materials, People, Aircraft and Equipment in general.



WELCOSS-iAirportTM can work seamlessly to various airport management systems or Stand-alone, including enterprise management systems as ERP, CRM, BI, WMS, RFID and Mobile, with modules for finance, logistics, purchasing, customer service (PAX registration, baggage registration and fast check-in), iCommerce (transit trade), access control, electronic point (MTE 1.510), traceability and visibility of baggage, cargo and materials, item-level, globally.


Visibility & Monitoring of Aircraft, Vehicles and Equipment with RFID RTLS.

RFID RTLS (Real Time Location System) technology will provide greater visibility, control and monitoring in real time of the operating processes of movement of people and equipment near aircraft parked vehicles and equipment, including areas of baggage, cargo, maintenance crews, support, cleaning, supply and security. Enabling real-time visibility of people and moving equipment on the perimeter of aircraft, analyze the activities, service and operational support, minimizing risk, enhancing services and security to heritage.



Aircraft Equipment, Luggage, Cargo and Passenger monitored safely and intelligently with RFID EPC.


Protect your brand and your investments through the use of RFID or Datamatrix technology for airport service strategies, baggage, cargo and track, in the airport sector. Ensure quality and safety movement logistics of products and materials at airports, as well as the flow of people, vehicles and operational equipment, including the processes of service, ticket control, baggage check, boarding to monitoring of parked aircraft, in real time, ensuring its customers and drivers efficient and high security services.



WELCOSS-iBaggageTM  is a smart solution prepared for the control of luggage in the airport segment. The solution provides visibility & traceability luggage at item level in real time. Is based on the RFID EPC tag technology, standard GS1 Global, including EPCIS. Simultaneously supports Datamatrix and RFID EPC tags.

The WELCOSS-iBaggageTM  solution can work seamlessly to various airport management systems or Stand-alone, including operational and mobility modules for the passenger services (PAX registration, luggage registration and fast Check-in), traceability and visibility baggage, cargo and materials, item-level, globally.



Traceability & Visibility in AIRPORT chain with standards of the GS1 System and its multiple applications:


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