WELCOSS-iCityTM is a private initiative of COSS focused strategies in solutions for intelligent management of cities and municipalities, including infrastructure, processes, products and people through cloud solutions and based on Internet of Things* (IoT).



The solutions are prepared and conducted to collect and analyze data in large volumes, generated from each event, in day-to-day cities and their members.

Intelligent management infrastructure, processes, people and things.


WELCOSS-iCityTM is an intelligent solution based on Internet of Things *(IoT), which includes intelligence analytic tools, cloud, ready to consolidate and share data in managerial and operational form, aimed at supporting the decision of leaders and managers in the public or private sector .



*The WELCOSS-IoT platform is composed by a software layer which implements an IoT middleware allowing sensors interconnection, devices and applications. It is communication agnostic and supports many different communication technologies including WiFi, ZigBee, LoRa, 4G/LTE, RFID, BLE amongst others. WELCOSS-IoT runs in cloud establishing and end-to-end connection  and security. It also provides real time device inventory and firmware updating remotely. A message queue transport telemetry is also available (MQTT/CoAP) in real time. WELCOSS-IoT supports M2M and BigData (Hadoop). The platform virtually supports any hardware from low power MCU´s such as LoRa devices and LTE cat 0, Android, IOS, as well as Linux, Windows,  RaspberryPi, Arduino and many others. It can handle millions of connected devices using structured and non structured data.



WELCOSS-KiwikBike™ [PDF] is a solution for tracking & visibility of bicicles, based on IoT technology.

WELCOSS-iCityTM is an ideal solution for a planet safer, smarter and sustainable in a simple and economical way.

Prepare your plan of intelligent management with solutions WELCOSS® and save time, money and resources.


The planet will thank you.

We enable your strategies for the DIGITAL Economy by industry including IoT, BigData and Mobile. The solutions are based on the WELCOSS platform alone or integrated to SAP Hana, Mongo DB and Hadoop, amongst others.  

WELCOSS-iCity [PDF]          WELCOSS Resíduos Sólidos [PDF]